Misconceptions about Stress and Pregnancy

We all know that stress affects the ability to get pregnant and remain pregnant, right?


“But surely,” I hear you say, “everyone knows that you need to be stress-free in order to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.”  Indeed, why else would everyone you know be telling you to relax and reduce your stress levels when you explain to them, you’re struggling to conceive, or finding it difficult to stay pregnant?

Many women who are experiencing fertility issues or multiple miscarriages believe that emotional stress and distress, or the tensions arising from difficult life-events, are factors in them not getting pregnant naturally, succeeding with fertility treatment, or maintaining a pregnancy.

This view is largely based on anecdotal evidence and fertility myths such as 'don't think about it and you'll get pregnant', and “you just need to take a holiday/work less/relax more” etc. Plus, there’s loads of information on the internet that supports these widely held beliefs.

Nonetheless, there is little scientific evidence to support such notions.