The Jellyfish Swarm – an analogy for the invisible pain of infertility and miscarriage
This very powerful analogy can apply to any woman who, for whatever reason, is struggling either to conceive a baby or to carry a pregnancy to full term. It describes the pain that those experiencing fertility problems or miscarriages, can start to experience at the prospect of attending any social gatherings. Fear begins to develop […]
George and the dragon and the maiden in distress – an analogy of how couples can deal differently with infertility and miscarriage 
Look at this picture for a moment. To me, this is an iconic image that epitomises the nature of the relationship between a couple when they are facing adversity. We see a maiden in distress with a dragon breathing fire over her. The dragon can represent infertility, the inability to have a baby due to […]
The Lion’s Den – An analogy of pregnancy and Miscarriage
Picture this . . . . . Imagine a large enclosure surrounded by a high chain-link fence. This is the home of a full-grown lion. The lion spends most of his days at one end of this enclosure – sleeping and eating and generally hanging out. It’s where the park keeper feeds him his daily ration […]
Misconceptions about stress, distress, and miscarriage
The NHS Choices website outlines some misconceptions about miscarriage and concludes that “increased risk of miscarriage is not linked to a mother's emotional state during pregnancy, such as being stressed or depressed”. I’m sure if you’ve experienced a miscarriage, the nurses and doctors will have reassured you that there was nothing you did to cause […]