Misconceptions about stress and natural conception
NHS Choices website analysed a scientific study which claimed that the levels of two stress hormones – cortisol and an enzyme produced in response to adrenaline levels (alpha amylase) – affected the likelihood of getting pregnant. The researchers did find that women with higher salivary alpha-amylase levels were less likely to fall pregnant, compared with […]
My Comment
It is an understatement to say that it’s stressful trying for a baby when all around you seem to do it so quickly and effortlessly, but stressing yourself about getting stressed and fearing your stress levels are the cause of your difficulties is soul-destroying and only serves to make women feel responsible and to blame […]
Misconceptions about the effect of stress on fertility treatment
The notions about stress affecting the outcome of fertility treatment don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny. In 2011 Professor Jacky Boivin from the Cardiff Fertility Studies Research Group investigated links between stress and the success of fertility treatment. She undertook a large-scale review (known as a ‘meta-analysis') of all the studies that had been done […]
Misconceptions about Stress and Pregnancy
We all know that stress affects the ability to get pregnant and remain pregnant, right? Wrong. “But surely,” I hear you say, “everyone knows that you need to be stress-free in order to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.”  Indeed, why else would everyone you know be telling you to relax and reduce your stress levels […]